Analysis of 4 possibilities of new mother’s breast milk

I have just made a new mummy, and often have the following confusions when appointing a baby.

What happened to these miracles?

What should I do?

  1.The baby is eating and making troubles, crying, crying, disturbed in sleep. When I wake up while sleeping, is my milk not enough to keep my baby full?

  Babies cry after eating milk and don’t sleep well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not full. In fact, there are many other reasons.

The most common ones are poor sleeping habits, such as mommy often sleeping with her baby in her hand, shaking with her, or sleeping with her nipples.

In general, after these bad habits are corrected, the baby can sleep well.

  In this way, how to determine whether the baby is full, you can observe: if the breasts are full at the beginning of feeding, they will be separated after a few minutes of sucking hard, which means that the breasts are emptied by the baby, and at the same time you see that the baby hasThe sucking action, and the sound of continuous breathing milk, also shows that the baby has eaten milk; secondly, the baby sucks milk to fall asleep naturally, and sleeps peacefully, urinating at least 7-8 times a day, or even more than 10 times, each timeSoak the diaper.

  It is estimated that if the baby eats enough, the most important thing is to see whether the weight has increased normally, and the monthly weight increase within the age of half a year is 500 grams to 1,000 grams.

If your weight gain is normal, your baby is full.

My baby always sleeps while eating and feeding. I heard that this makes it easy for the baby to grow longer. Is that so?

  Eating is a pleasant behavior that makes the body satisfied.

Therefore, the interest in food should be cultivated from the moment the baby is born.

Because when you see the shape and color of food, you can smell appetite, and you will have appetite when you taste the food. Therefore, it is best to use the baby’s five senses together, coordinate with eyes and hands, and take initiative to eat.Eat well, taste delicious, and feel content.

If the baby always sucks milk, it is not easy to develop appetite, and it is not easy to get satisfaction.

Therefore, try to keep your baby awake while breastfeeding, avoid eating while sleeping or feeding while your baby is asleep.

  In order to prevent the baby from always sleeping during the feeding process, the mum can touch the baby’s little hands, feet, ears, and talk to the baby while feeding, sing to the baby, and let the baby’s hand touch the breast. This will avoid the babyStuck to milk.

  3.My milk is not too much, every time my baby takes a few bites, it disappears.

If milk accumulates in the breast, will it accumulate more?

  Frequently storing milk in the breasts will only reduce the amount of milk.

Because only when the breast is emptied, can the brain be stimulated to produce prolactin, which can reach the breast through the blood circulation and stimulate the secretion of milk.

If the breast is full, the brain will not secrete prolactin, and the milk secreted by the breast will decrease.

  The correct method is to feed it regularly every 3-4 hours, and the baby sucking vigorously will suck up the breasts, which will stimulate the brain to produce prolactin, which will cause more and more milk.

Therefore, vacuuming the breasts on time is the best method of lactation, and it is not advisable to store milk.

For mothers with too much milk, if the baby can’t finish the feeding each time, it is also best to use a breast pump to absorb the milk. The mother should also increase the number of feedings so that the baby sucks the breasts hard.

  4.My milk is not so small, but it looks as clear as water and is not thick at all. Is it because the milk is not nutritious?

  Some new mummy’s milk is like water, and people think that nutrition is poor, but this is not necessarily the case.

The milk secreted within 1-2 weeks after delivery is very pale in appearance, and it does look like clear water.

However, the protein contained in this colostrum is concentrated, supplemented in trace amounts, and the trace elements zinc and immune substances are also more than the mature milk secreted later.

Therefore, it seems that the light milk is very precious to the newborn. Do not squeeze out the colostrum in the first few days after giving birth. You should strive to let your baby get colostrum.

  Mummy’s diet also directly affects the composition of milk.

If your mother’s food is always high, because the trace amount of milk is high, the milk looks white and thick, but it can easily cause baby indigestion.

Especially for babies who are too obese, Mummy’s diet should pay more attention to lighter, pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to ensure a variety of food and nutritional balance.