Look at the health of the old man!

The old lady Jiang Shuzhen is eighty years old this year. She does not listen to her eyes, her eyes are not spent, and her body is hard. It is too hot recently, and Mrs. Jiang feels a little uncomfortable.

Dad and the three girls usually feel the most distressed old lady, they feel that they have to do something.

  Cao Fengxia, a famous filial prostitute in the village!

It is a good dish!

The first dish she has to do today is the fried meatballs.

  Raw materials are: zucchini, carrots, tofu, flour, starch.

  Seasoning: MSG, salt and pepper.

  First remove the capsule of the zucchini, cut it into a large piece of about 3 cm with a knife, and be careful not to scratch it when rubbing with a wipe.

After the chopped shredded silk is cut, the carrots are also rubbed into silk with a wipe. After the tofu is crushed, mix with the carrot and zucchini, add the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, put the flour and starch, stir well.If it is too sticky, replace it with water.

  When frying, use your hand to mix the batter into a table tennis-sized squad. Be careful not to make the fire too big, otherwise it will be easy to fry.

The meatballs can be pulled out until the appearance becomes golden yellow.

The outside is tender and tender, and the mouth is fragrant.

  Experts: Zucchini and carrots are very good for the elderly, especially carrots. The biggest feature is fat-soluble. The absorption of carotene by frying is very good.

  The three girls of Mrs. Jiang also recommended the dishes to us. The celery leaves that we usually throw away from us are also very simple.

  First of all, you need to adjust the paste, put some flour, starch, oil, MSG, salt, you can.

  For the elderly, the old vegetarians are not good, and they want to be vegetarian and want to taste better. It is also possible to eat fried food occasionally.

  Cui Shuling, the old lady’s grandmother, the big and small things outside the family are all dependent on her alone!

  The woman wants to give the old lady a chestnut.

  Chestnut meat requires a piece of pork belly, a small bowl of chestnut, two brown sugar and two sugar, onion ginger and garlic, salt and cooking wine.

  First cut the pork belly into a one-centimeter-wide, one-centimeter-thick piece.

Add oil to the pot, fry the sugar with white sugar, and put the chopped pork in the pan and stir fry.

Pour the chopped onion, ginger, garlic and aniseed, then pour in the cooking wine and the right amount of salt. Do not put more salt.

Then, put the brown sugar into it, add the brown sugar, even if the color of the meat is ruddy and bright, the old man can eat some brown sugar and can spread the blood and sputum, and relieve the bowel and clear eyes.

Finally, pour the chestnut.

Then use the casserole for an hour to eat.

  After an hour, the pork belly and the chestnut have been stewed very badly!

  The chestnut is in the meat, and the taste of the meat completely invades the chestnut, which is better than the meat, so it is a very good food for the elderly, both ridiculous and nutritious.

  The body of the elderly is the most sensitive, so it is more important to pay attention to the conditioning in the daily diet.

What is not the most important thing to eat, what is important is how to eat.

If you have a little attention, you can eat healthy and healthy.