Fresh raw garlic helps heart health

Studies have shown that garlic is good for heart health, but how to eat garlic to exert this effect is very particular.

The latest US research has found that slicing or mashing fresh garlic and eating it raw can help your heart health.

  Researchers at the US Air Force University School of Medicine reported in the latest issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that they performed cardiovascular simulations on obese mice in order to verify the effect of different ways of eating garlic on restoring blood to the heart.

Researchers fed equal amounts of fresh raw garlic extract and dried garlic extract to dietary experimental rats, and the daily feeding amount was equivalent to two spoonfuls of garlic per day.

A month later, the researchers found that when the heart’s blood flow was cut off for half an hour, the rats that ate fresh raw garlic resumed blood supply to the heart than other rats.

  Researchers have discovered that the magical health benefits of garlic are not only derived from it, but also rich in antioxidants. The hydrogen sulfide produced by fresh raw garlic being sliced or mashed can promote blood circulation in the human body, thereby protecting the heart.

Garlic, cooked or dried, has no such effect.

  Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas with a pungent odor, but the latest research has found that an appropriate amount of hydrogen sulfide free radicals protect the human cardiovascular system from penetrating and prevent diseases such as heart disease and senile dementia.