Daily maintenance tips

What to do if my hands have rough skin?
Daily maintenance tips

The hand is one of the important organs of the human body, and it is also the part we usually use the most. In daily life, there are many items to contact. Whether it is a dirty rag, keyboard, mouse, etc., bacteria will be bred to the hand.

And the skin on the hand is rougher than the skin on other parts, so what to do with rough skin on the hand?

The following editors will introduce you to the daily maintenance tips of your hands.

  The hand is one of the most commonly used parts in our daily life. It touches a lot of things, whether it is a dirty rag or a brand-name jewelry, which are in our hands.

Over time, some people find that their hands have become extremely rough, and they are no longer smooth and delicate as before.

This is because you are too careless, and you never pay attention to your hands. The daily maintenance of your hands is actually very important.

  A certain sentence is good, open your hands and you get everything, but when you open your hands, you see rough lines, I believe you will not just be happy to get everything but not rough for yourselfWorrying skin.

So how can you get your hands back white and tender?

Remember the daily care of your hands.

  Daily maintenance methods for your hands: 1. Choose mild cleaning products. In daily life, it is difficult for us to avoid contact with various cleaning products, instead of face wash, soap, soap, laundry detergent, detergent, etc.Will completely wash away the oil on the skin surface, the skin of the hands must become dry and rough.

Therefore, when choosing cleaning products, you should avoid choosing too alkaline, and choose products containing vitamins E and B to be more moist.

  2. Do not wash your hands with hot water. Although washing your hands with relatively high-temperature water is comfortable for a while, it will only make your rough skin drier later, because high-temperature water can easily cause a large amount of moisture in the skin to leak, and destroy the oil secretion of the skin on the handsBalance, make the skin dry and rough, so do not want your hands to be rough and dry, it is better to wash your hands with warm or cold water.

  3. One of the reasons for getting horny hands rough every week is that the horny is too thick. You can soak your hands with warm water first, then gently massage on the hands with scrub, massage the back of the hands and palm for 10 minutes.

It is recommended to choose a scrub that contains protein, because this scrub can effectively bleach and deep cleanse the skin, remove dead skin and promote cell metabolism.

  4. Take hand cream with you to wash your hands with soothing repair creams after each hand wash. After each bath, if the skin stratum corneum still contains a lot of water, it is better to apply hand cream immediately.

Carry hand cream with you, day or night, and apply it whenever you feel dry.

It is recommended to choose daily hand cream with SPF sun protection factor during the day.

  5, olive oil + hand massage with olive oil plus a certain massage method to rub the hands, helps to solve the problem of rough skin.

Rub the olive oil on the knuckles and rough areas on the back of the hand before massage. Soften the rough skin and joints to fully moisturize the hands.

If you want more moisture, you can mix hand cream in olive oil and massage.

  6. Using milk or yogurt to protect your hands can actually moisturize everything, such as milk and yogurt.

Every time after drinking milk or yogurt, it is recommended that you do n’t throw away the bottle immediately. I do n’t know if you can wipe the remaining milk in the bottle to your hands to wash your hands. After about 15 minutes, wash with warm water.Began to resume tenderness.

  7, regular special effects care If your hands are particularly rough and dry, it is recommended that you do special effects care every other interval, the method is to use luke oil or germ oil on hands and nails, wear cotton gloves for 15 minutes,After taking off the gloves, gently massage the hands, and then apply hand cream or hand mask if necessary, which can make the hands skin plump and soft.

  I believe that by reading this article, you have a certain understanding of the maintenance of the hand. Hands are one of our important parts. Do not be lazy and do daily maintenance.